Friday, May 30, 2008

Fishing My Way To Made of Honour

Now that exams are over and my presentation done, i'm all alone here with solid good internet and what hv i been doing?? FISHING! Yeah, i've been playing this 90sec fishing game brought to you by Hong Leong Bank. I love it so much even you should give it try *click*

So, what is this hoo-ha all about? Well, Nuffnang is holding this competition where 40 winners will get to attend an 8 course dinner in JW Marriott KL after which will be the premier of Made of Honour! I've heard so much of this place i need to get my butt there. All you need to do is to, well, fish of course. Then you post a screenshot of the highest score with the title above. Oh, how i love not having to study so i can play and play this game the whole day. Yippee!

After all the fishing, here's my highest score and i sure hope this is good enough to get me a superb treat to a fabulous dinner at the glitzy JW Marriott and watch McDreamy in Made of Honour. Ahhh.... *drools*


Ginn said...

dang..! now you got me addicted too. =P

Ohkulala said...

lol. told you its fun!

Aronil said...

that is one high score ahaha.. how many times did u people play this game??? After 7k i gave up and got bored lol