Thursday, May 29, 2008

Biological Clock Gone Haywire

My biological clock has gone all haywire on me and I can’t seem to fix it! No no, I’m not pregnant, want to get pregnant nor in an age range where my biological clock is ticking.

These past few days I have been getting up early even when I don’t want to. I draw the curtains tight to make sure no speck or ray of sunshine escapes into my room, put my phone on silent mode (it is actually permanently on silent mode) and do not set an alarm because all I want to do is to sleep in and wake up late.

Fat chance. It is my biological internal alarm clock that never fails to wake up me up after exactly 8 hours of sleep. Like it or not, after 8 hours of shut-eye, my brain magically awakens and it’s pointless trying to fight the losing battle. The consequences are rather severe. Should I stubbornly stay in bed, I am “rewarded” with a horrible backache which lasts the whole day. And that sucks because every time I lean against something be it the chair, sofa or a wall, I get a stab at my back.

In the past few weeks; this has not bothered me because I’ve only been getting 6-7 hours of sleep daily with all the work, projects and studying for finals. Now that it is all over, I’d really like to enjoy the luxury of sleep in and I can’t! The backache is not the worst part. My body has actually gotten used to sleeping for 7 hours now. So like clockwork, I’m fully awake by 7am! *horror*

That would be the perfect explanation to my now-permanent-eye-bags. *Sigh*


[YeOp] said...

i wish that we could exchange our biological clock. haha! i would prefer to wake up early everyday. but i couldn't. always woke up very late especially during weekends! lol

Ohkulala said...

yeop: lol. we're quite the opposite huh? but better be careful of what you wish for, you might actually get it :P

Aronil said...

i feel your pain.. my biological clock is also topsy turvy.. sleeping roun 4-5 and then waking up at 11... aik.. i feel lethargic most of the time.. ish