Thursday, May 8, 2008

Princess for a Day

I was picked up by a limo.

I had superb entertainment in the car.

AJ and I

Princess compliant #1: Jr was TOO quiet, his silence is deafening
I had really yummy food in Moven Peak.

I had the company of super amazing, loving juniors

I had Cake (OMG, I had cake, I had cake, I had cake!!!)
Cake Cake Cake from Secret Recipi

I had a really cute pressie

My Pressie

Since I had cake and a pressie, everyone automatically thought it was my birthday. So I had a “Happy Birthday” song played for me

I had a card with very touching words. *I will miss everyone here*

I had 45 minutes to spare before Iron Man. So we took 45 minutes worth of camwhore pics

The Girls

The Boys

All of us

I watched Iron Man which was excellent!

I was dropped back to my doorstep.

But being princessly was not the best part. It is the loving loving thoughts and things AJ with J, JB, A, DV, H did which really touched my heart. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful night I had yesterday. I loved the cake (how did you guys know?!), the cute lil teddy bear (he’s so adorable, named him Martin) and the company of all of you. It saddens me that that night would have been one of my last ones here with you all. With promises to keep in touch, I will leave this place with a heavy heart. *Hugs*


[YeOp] said...

hey, when is ur birthday actually? i got ur friendster. but why i didn't receive any reminder about ur birthday? hehe.

anyway, happy birthday!

good luck in ur finals as well~ ;)

puvanan said...

Wowee! Happy belated b'day and all the best for the upcoming fnalz as well :)