Saturday, May 10, 2008

The best time of my day is...

Shower Time!!!

I Love Love Love taking showers. They are so refreshing and relaxing. Showers to me are like therapy, you go in, you get pampered and when you leave, you feel all good and nice inside. The pitter patter of water droplets on my face and body is soothing like massage to my tired muscles. I can’t imagine anyone Not liking a shower.

If I could be addicted to one more thing asides chocolates and ice-cream, showers would it. I love taking showers so much that I tend to stay in there till my fingers wrinkle up like prunes. But it is so fun just playing with water.

Of course I do wish my bathroom looks like this:

Then I probably wouldn’t even get out. Hehehe…. In fact, I do a lot of my thinking and soul-searching as I lather with soap; scrub myself clean from sweat and grime. It is the perfect time to think, peaceful, quiet and I can hear my thought loud and clear. I ponder on many things, scheme evil plans in my notty lil head (yeah right) and create a mirage of imaginary situations. Say if I were to meet the President of the United States, would I slap him or shake his hand?

It is so fun that I do get carried away. This explains why a shower for me is usually 15 minutes of luxurious alone time to remedy my body after a long day of hard work. And it is almost half hour when I wash my hair. Hey, hair also need some TCL ok, if not how would I expect my crowning glory to shine?

I do plan on getting myself a beautiful bathroom when I get a place of my own one day. Preferably one that incorporates both a shower and a bathtub so I can take my many many bubble baths. And let’s not forget, a shower and bath can always be shared with a someone else to a romantic escapade of passion :) Now, I’ll leave that to your creative imagination.

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Cybermate said...

I love shower time too!