Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wesak Weekend Part 1

Day 1 (Friday, 16 May)

I went home from Friday – Monday to enjoy the long Wesak weekend as I have a 9 day gap between my papers. Left campus on Thursday taking the 12 midnight bus. The journey was extra long this time around as the bus tyre was punctured and changing it took one hour in Ipoh. I only arrived home at 8am. My whole body was aching from sitting 8 hours in the freaking freezing bus. The first thing I did was to hand in my laundry to the helper, got a hot drink, changed and headed straight to bed. Siesta-ed till noon.

I wanted to explore the first Cold Storage in Melaka (gasp!) which is really near my house and to my horror my mum drove at a mere 40 kmh!!! I tried so hard persuading her to go faster. I could see a long trail of cars behind her (as the road is one lane with a double line) and she could not be coaxed. Due to her accident not too long ago, her idea of driving safe was to drive slow. Gosh. I was really irritated after 15 minutes. Personally, I felt it was rather selfish of her to hog the road. Plus she could have been the cause of an accident for driving too slow. And driving slow does not guarantee she’ll be accident-free. Another car from the opposite direction could still swerve into her lane and hit her still. But all my words and breath fell to deaf ears. It’s been a long while since I felt so *geram* with my mum. I shook her real hard and told her “WAKE UP, its driving safe that’s important, not driving slowly!” Of course, that only took place in my imagination.

So after the geram-fied journey to Cold Storage, we explored every nook and corner of the place. My love for Cold Storage resurfaced again. I loved visiting Cold Storage on my way to the LRT station in KLCC after work back then. This time I put my persuasive skill to another use – to get my mum to make spaghetti. And this time it worked!! Dinner was superb as I had a choice of rendang And spaghetti. It was rather confusing to me coz just about an hour later, the same person who made me grit my teeth made me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Off to Popeye’s place and we chit chatted for quite long. I didn’t realize the time until she yawned and I was like, OMG, I better get running. Poor girl, she has a test this week to study for and neither one of us realized it was getting late. I felt a lil bad for taking so much of her time. But I’m glad good ol’ Popeye is back. We all missed her during her 2 year stint in Manipal India.

Off home to watch the American Idol Marathon!

Day 2 (Saturday, 17 May)

A lazy day with me waking up at a princessly hour of 11am. Helped dad run some chores. Celebrated Mother’s Day since all of us are home this weekend, had dinner in Pak Putra where the naan and tandoori is yummylicious! Also did some shopping. Dad was the cashier for the day (and night) and I managed to get myself a pair of shoes!

After dinner, we headed to Jonker Street. Mum bought 8 really pretty necklaces (and dear me got myself one too, daddy sponsor mah). There were so many to choose from, all very chic and elegant. I got myself one with a black pendant so that it would be easy to mix and match. Mum bought a rainbow of colours. Got a decent discount too from our purchases. Next stop was earrings and here I got 2 pair of button earrings (again, sponsored by daddy dearest).

Headed home, packed my bags for we were headed to KL the next morning. Sista S did my nails. I liked the design I chose!


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