Saturday, May 24, 2008


It is a slightly different day this morning. I heard the birds chirping their beautiful melody from the horizons. The sun wasn’t scorching as it usually is; it shone with a certain tenderness. The white clouds seem whiter today. The air is fresher like the mountain breeze.

I took measured steps trying to absorb the atmosphere, the sounds, the sights, the faces, so that today will be forever etched in my mind. The stupid smile refused to be wiped off my face. We final semester students all looked at each other with knowing smiles because we all shared the same feelings. So as we entered the Main Hall, we wished each other luck with excitement written all over our face, you must have been blind to not notice it. And I had a spring in my foot trying to control myself from skipping like a school child as I looked for table 260, wrote my ID down with more conviction and determination. Coz today is no ordinary day. Today came with a deeper sense of purpose. For today, I sat for my final paper as an undergraduate student.

As the invigilator said put your pens down and stop writing as time is up, I could barely contain my anticipation to just jump like a kangaroo. Once all the papers were handed up, accounted for, the words “You may now leave the hall” brought upon shouts of joy for we are done! I feel liberated. I have completed one more phase in my life :).


Right after exams


No more control macho, to hell with exam papers~


[YeOp] said...

no more books. no more exams. no more assignments. YAAHOOO!!

(unless if u decide to do master after this, hahaha!)

Ohkulala said...

Yeop: Hip Hip Hooray!

oh no, not doing my masters so soon. enough of books for now.