Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shopping Therapy

Edit: This was written yesterday but I was a lil lazy to post it.


Who ever said that shopping is not therapeutic needs a *slap*

Ah Kie, Ah Sha and I went for a shopping trip to Ipoh today and we really shopped. *Happy Happy Happy* It is so so nice to come back feeling completely satisfied that we spent a great day buying things we like at discounted rates. It has been a very long time since I last shopped due to my lack of money so today I felt on cloud nine.

After weeks of sheer hard work and very-little-sleep-nights, shopping is the best way to release all the tension. Imagine going around, seeing something you like, trying them out and paying less than the full rate for it. Its uber fun, you exercise along the way whilst walking and you learn budgeting so as to not go broke within days of getting the scholarship allowances.

The endorphins simply fill me in and every time I breathe, I heave a sigh of utter happiness and joy. I still have that smile stuck on my face. The really awesome part about today is the fact that I planned to shop and did end up buying stuff. There have been occasions where planning for a shopping trip some how jinx’s the trip because I’ll end up with nothing. This could be because I didn’t see anything I fancy, don’t have my size, don’t have the colour i want, the price is ridiculously overboard.

I feel very energized after my version of therapy. So, I’ll pick up the pieces of my work completely recharged from buying a pair of super nice earrings, 2 shorts, 3 tops and yummylicious food in Ipoh. Yay!


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