Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lightbulb Moment

AJ and I were checking out the variety of food we could choose from at the naan shop. And this was how our conversation went:

Okl: Hey, is that fish curry?
(AJ stirs and scoops out what appears to be …)
AJ: It is chicken.
Okl: No, that’s fish
AJ: It is chicken la.
Okl: It is fish.
AJ: Chicken
Okl: Fish
AJ: Chicken
Okl: Fish
AJ: Chicken
Okl: Fish
(AJ then turns to the guy next to him)
AJ: Can you tell me, is that chicken or fish?
Guy: Chicken
*lightbulb moment*
Okl: Really? But it seriously looks like fish!

And then halfway through dinner, AJ confessed that he almost changed his mind about it being chicken because I seemed so confident that it was fish. Damn, should have gone on a little longer and he probably could be convinced I was right, even when I wasn’t. *evil grin*


Queer Ranter said...

Devil child, devil child! :P

AJ said...

meh kehnda si....sundhi nehi tu.. :P