Sunday, March 23, 2008


Yesterday morning right after I woke up, I had a craving for dim sum. Instead, I had suew kow noodles at the Tronoh market.

Mid morning I felt like shopping. But that was put to a screeching halt when the ATM machine ate my card. You can read about it here.

These past few days, I have been having this unexplainable itch to eat tit bits. I’m not particularly hungry, it’s just the itch to munch on something, to crunch and chew. I usually pacify myself with eating raisin. I keep a 500g Sun Maid Natural California Raisins for times like these. However, since I’ve been eating so much of this, the raisins just feel sour in my mouth, like “Oh no, raisins again?”

And my box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates is MISSING!!! Last night on top of the absolute need to munch on something, I had this tremendous craving for chocolates. And imagine the frustration I felt when I can’t find them. I find it rather peculiar how could the box simply vanish. I checked under every nook, corner and cranny of every possible place the box could be. I checked, rechecked and triple checked. I also looked at places food should not be at, my wardrobe, in my book shelf, my junk drawer, the dusty corner at the furthermost end of my desk, my undergarments section, everywhere. And I know with absolute clarity that I did not put them in the house fridge for fear of unwanted hands rummaging through my precious chocolates and when I looked there through the horrid junk of what is called food in there, alas my chocolates is no where in sight. Not that I mind people having one or two, but please at least have the courtesy to ask. I shall not go into the long story of how good stuff goes missing in the fridge. I brought the box of chocolates back from home after my mid-sem break and I remember putting them on the food shelve together with my milk cartons. Everything else looks in place, undisturbed and yet my chocolates are missing. At this point of time, I am willing to believe that the box of oh-so-yummylicious-chocolates grew legs and walked out on me.

So today, my temptation to eat was so overwhelming, I can’t sit and write a word more on my report (which by the way is driving me crazy), I took a short walk to Kopetro, the uni’s convenience store to see what can I get my hands on. I finally settled for the Jacob’s Crak’s cream onion flavour and a small packet of Cadbury’s Hazel Nut coated with Dairy Milk Chocolate. Haih… what compensation. The Crak’s were pretty good, it makes a close second to all the keropok I buy from the Tronoh pasar malam, a little salty, bite size, crispy and crunchy.

The chocolates… sigh…. Cadbury’s. What else can I say? They pale in comparison to Ferrero Rocher and mind you, I wouldn’t even consider Ferrero Rocher top notch chocolate, they’re just nice chocolates with their gold wrappings, made for the commercial market who believes they are actually eating really good chocolates. Since I don’t eat chocolates very often, I only get really good chocolates, the best kind, dark rich imported chocolates. Cadbury’s is nowhere near the league of fine chocolates.

But today, I learnt to be grateful. Because here I am eating Cadbury’s while typing this post out and actually enjoying the chocolates. Chocolates are chocolates no matter what brand stamp they have on, the fancy packaging they come in or the country they are manufactured at. My craving’s have been somewhat satisfied, my endorphins multiplied; my taste buds happy and for that I’m thankful.

(Hint: If any kind soul would like to buy me chocolates, I’ll settle for Ferrero Rocher without a fuss. You could also get me the Belgian Chocolates shaped into seashells and sea creatures, these are my ultimate favourite. The Rither Sport ones are yummy so are Hersheys. Those are the only ones I can remember for now; I’ve tried and eaten so many awesome ones to be able to remember all of them. The biggest clue is that I love love love dark chocolates. Milk chocolates are for babies :p)

My roomie did not sleep at all last night! I am amazed, shocked, surprised and in total disbelieve that someone can just not feel sleepy therefore did not sleep. Throughout the night, I woke up at several intervals to peek at the time and she was just there sitting in front of her computer working on her report. When morning came, she still looks as fresh as a daisy, as if not sleeping is the most perfectly normal thing in the world. She took a nap and I thought she’ll probably crash till tomorrow morning. So the shocker came when she woke up about 2 hours later feeling fine (read: not sleepy, not tired). Wow. Maybe she’s a robot in disguise. I need to keep a closer inspection on this supposed creature co-habiting with me. Ill give periodic reports as observations are made. Stay tuned~


ah sha said...

haha...disguised robot! trust me, i was amazed myself :P

Sanjeev said...

found ur blog...
now i know what to do when i wanna take a break from work :)
mouth marathon huh?
hehe.....aptly describe u :)

Ohkulala said...

leesh: if you do that again, i shall officially declare you a robot. oh, i found another generic of your types - shira doesnt eat (well, only a meal a day). so yeah...

sanjeev: yay, do have fun reading. and keep those comments coming. and yeah, the mouth marathon does describe me pretty well doesnt it. honest konon. hahaha

Anonymous said...

GOsh...... Kul, what happened to my ROOMIEEEE!

cleo weiland said...

Chocolates are dirt cheap in Labuan. So cheap and so easy to find...I just don't even blink when I see ferrero rocher anymore.

So I guess I'll have a box of that for you at your graduation?


Yogapathy a.k.a Yogz said...

Hieee kUL......thnx 4 dropping by my blog..yea,jus recently started bloggin'...i like ur blog la...its cool 2 story ppl such...n i guess dis wil b an instant flashback 4 ur touts later on..kan? da best 4 ur final sem KuL...

Ohkulala said...

Cameogal: i tot i should be asking what effect you have on her after years of being her roomie. maybe the whole not sleeping thing came from u. lol

Cleo: oh, pls pls do get me a box of chocs! love you :)

yogz: well, 2 new bloggers then, the more the merrier