Tuesday, March 25, 2008


According to the WordWeb (which by the way is an awesome electronic dictionary/thesaurus) defines quirk as “a strange attitude or habit”.

A quirk sets us apart from others because not everyone does things the same way we do. Quirks don’t make you weird; they’re just a habit we have. It could be subconscious or something we have done in a certain way for so long it has become a norm, doing it any other way isn’t just quite right. However, an individual who is filled entirely with quirkiness and fixated with doing things his/her own way may be obsessive compulsive, like Monk.

I’ve got some quirks of my own. I arrange my stationary in my pencil box in one direction, the tips of my pens and pencils face west where the zip opens. It is also in layers depending on frequency of use. First is the stapler --> mechanical pencil lead refillers --> highlighters --> coloured pens --> liquid paper --> pens and my mechanical pencil. The ruler is tucked at the wall on the pencil case and the eraser is placed at the left hand corner for easier reach. So if anyone were to borrow my things and conveniently place them back, I would know immediately. These days, my stationary are no longer arranged in layers, too many precious minutes is spent on something unproductive like that. They however do remain in the same direction.

I love labeling my stuff. Every time I get something new, the first thing I do is to write my name on it, especially note pads, books and even the print-outs of my lecture notes. I label my files, not with my name but according to subject. I feel its gives a personal touch and my items a sense of belonging.

When I’m studying and get tired of reading, I scribble my home address together with my phone number and email address, as if I’m giving away my contact details to someone. Exams usually make me think of home more and writing down my home address brings a tiny sense of comfort that the exams will be over and ill be home in no time.

In times I feel really stressed out and overwhelmed with the amount of things to do, not knowing where to start, I play dress-up. It’s really fun and a great stress reliever, pretty much the same way I feel when I go on a fruitful shopping trip (meaning, I end up with something). I go through “costume” changes, just trying out all my clothes, mixing and matching them. I can try 10 different tops with the same skirt or pants and each time I evaluate the look I get. I do this until I feel satisfied, when stress is not niggling at the back of my mind anymore. There was this one time a few years back, I was mega stressed out. I tried out a really nice outfit for dinner, complete with matching earrings and accessories, put on my shoes and took out my bag and then I went back to studying without changing. My roommate walked in completely shocked at my state; even thinking she missed out on a notice of a dinner that very day. I dressed up at 2 in the afternoon some more.

Ah Kie arranges his clothes according to categories: Formal shirts, pants, jeans, long sleeve shirts, shirts and t-shirts. Rukawa names all her soft toys the same way you name a pet to make up for her lack of pets. Superman will only park his car at a proper parking lot or car park. His car is way too precious to be put at a curb, he does not even park illegally when everyone else even if it is the most convenient.. He parks his car as it should be, in an allocated lot no matter how far it is from his destination, no matter how long it takes to get a parking space and no matter how expensive it costs to park, he would do it. Better save than sorry he says.

Does a quirk says anything about you? I think so. I’m not sure what does every habit represents but I know it represents who we are, a little touch, a feel, a note of presence to indicate, yes it is me.

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CRAPPED!! said...

Does urge to be different from everybody else considered quirk?
Just wondering about my quirkiness here...