Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Accident

My mum met an accident yesterday. A truck knocked her car from the back thus leaving her pretty brand new car rather damaged. But I'm glad she's alright. No injuries, just a shaken soul to boot her very indented bumper.

Apparently, the truck driver was running late for a delivery, hence the hurry. Well, at least he wasn't so bad, he did admit his mistake. Mum's car damages will be covered by his insurance.

Superstitions says bad things come in three. I'm not superstitious and I don't really believe in this. But if it is true, I hope this will be the end of a series of unfortunate events for my mother. She has had 2 very bad falls last month, 2 weeks apart. She hurt and scraped her knees very horribly, leaving a muddy brown patch, overstaying their leave on her knee caps. And now the accident.

I do hope that will be the end of it. May things turn for the better for her, I really hope so.

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