Saturday, March 22, 2008

The ATM incident

The freaking ATM machine swallowed my card!!!

Here I was there in the bank to check my account balance, really hoping my scholarship money is in after months of waiting. So I waited patiently for my turn and when I inserted my card in, it said Device Failure. My head went “Ooooh oooo”. Repeated attempts was to no avail so I switched to the next machine and no, that was not how I lost my card.

I inserted my card and found out my bank absolutely-shrinking-almost-obsolete balance (when the hell is the money going to come!!!? I need to shop people!) and Poofff, there was a flicker and no electricity. The power outage lasted a few seconds and the systems were up soon enough. Midway through the loading process, Poofff, another flicker.

I thought, hey, what could possibly happen? I mean, this is a bank with super cekap security systems and backup systems and what-ever systems that keeps in the place running efficiently. The second time around, the machines were fully back and running and guess what…


That’s right, my card which was in when I was checking my balance got freaking swallowed by the freaking ATM machine!!! The machine made a meal out of my poor card.

Ah Kie was going to help me activate my online account mentioned that I can’t do much at that point of time. I’ll just need to check with the bank and claim my card back on Monday.

To play safe, I called the Enquiry Center and the lady assured me of the same thing. My card would not be ejected out anytime between today and Monday. The only way to get the card out is to manually open up the machine so its there, safe and sound. That did bring a little comfort to me. I mean, as much as the future of my bank balance looks hopelessly bleak, I’d still like to have some money than nothing at all.

So, there goes my craving to shop. I am officially broke.

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