Wednesday, March 12, 2008

First Reaction

This is a meme where you have to type the 1st thing that comes to mind whenever you hear these 35 things. And i'm taggin Queer Ranter and Rockaholics Anonymous for this.

Here we go:

1. Beer : Heineken
2. McDonalds: Fries
3. Relationships : Not so easy
4. Purple: hate the colour
5. Power Rangers: Red
6. Weed: smoke
7. Steroids: buffed bodies
8. Cartoons: lame
9. The President: of sheer laziness
10. Tupperware: primary school days
11. Florida: sun and beach
12. Santa Claus: Christmas presents
13. Halloween: pumpkin, treat or trick
14. Alice: in wonderland
15. Grammar: mrs chew
16: Myspace: nada
17. Clowns: circus
18. Marriage: one day
19. Paris: paris je tai’me
20. Pussy: cat dolls
21. Redheads : sexy
22. Blondes: bimbos
23. Pass the: ketchup
24. One night stand: thrilling
25. Donald Trump: does not wear a wig
26. Neverland: wanna stay there
27. dixie: chicks
28. Vanilla ice cream: with chocolate topping
29. Hooters: nothing better to do
30. High school musical : too many songs
31. Pajamas: nuffnang pyjama party
32. Woody: allen
33. Wet Socks: gross
35. Love: beautiful


v|nder said...

wow, i've nvr been tagged before.

Queer Ranter said...

Oh yey a meme. :P