Saturday, March 1, 2008

In need of TLC

I was suppose to blog about a mirage of things today – the long walk I had with AJ, reminiscing my earlier days in uni or the selfish friend who at times makes my blood boil. Or maybe another story since I was in the mood.

But that all when out of the window after the phone call I received from my mother. It did not go well. I’m upset and angry with her. She is upset and angry with me.

I’m also confused right now with the things happening around me. It is funny how I thought things would turn out one way and they go the other.

So I sat and talked and ranted and poured out to my dearest roomie. I feel so much better to just let it all out. Thank you so much for listening Ah Sha.

And I miss my other two girlfriends. I miss Ah Hua who is all the way in Kerteh who I absolutely look forward to meeting next week. I miss Ah Nee who is flying off to Bintulu today at 11.35am. I miss the times we four girls are together; we talk for hours, hug, cheer, cry, rant, laugh and poke fun at each other. Missing you girls loads *bear hugs*


Queer Ranter said...

Funny, I had the same thing too. I was so high one moment then slumped to the deepest pit of darkness.


Ah Sha said...

*hugs :) anytime dear...everyone has their up's and down's..