Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cleo 50 Most Eligible Bachelor: Review Part 1

Pre-post: I heart Ah Kie :). I really wanted a copy of Cleo's issue of the 50 Most Eligible Bachelor to do my critiques/ comments/ going Oooh Aahh etc etc. However, due to my dire financial situation (you can read about it here), I simply couldnt spare any cash when I am only left with RM12 in my wallet. So dearest Ah Kie bought it for me instead!!!
Note: These comments are strictly personal, more like first impressions based on their photos aka looks and appearances. They have nothing to do with judging the participants. I believe they have been selected after ermm much consideration, evaluation and that they met the necessary criteria. Those marked with No Comment (NC) simply means there is nothing in particular that stands out in the individual, again to me only. Here's the first 25 Bachelors. Stay tuned for the next 25~

#1 Eyebrows look weird, can’t live without blotters, eeww

#2 So the cina

#3 Nice smile, I wonder if the hair smells

#4 Macho man with the tattoos

#5 Nice smile

#6 First I thought he looked good especially with the hair, the mystery man aura oozing out. Until I read this:
Q: A women makes me nervous when…
A: Honestly, I don’t mean to be a “man” by saying this, but a woman never makes me nervous. In fact it’s always the other way around.
OMG, how narcissistic!! So no, you don’t get my vote with the terrible respond like that.

#7 He’s got the “lucky” chin. Nice outfit

#8 Dimples usually melt my heart but not this guy. He looks too pale, like a ghost. Wont be surprised if doesn’t go out much under the sun.

#9 The boy next door, very cute. The kind you can bring home to your parents. (Gets my vote)

#10 Sharp features, nice gootie.

#11 Sizzling Hottie Hot Hot! He’s really tall, macho with a fantastic body to boot, friendly, charming with a million dollar smile (which is concealed here). Loves paintball to bits. You can check his profile here.
Q: My life mission is to …
A: Produce good looking children.
A welcomed change from the usual responses; sports car, career, nice house, wealth etc. (Gets my vote)

#12 NC

#13 NC

#14 Ok la

#15 Really really tall, in camp we called him the twin towers (his best friend is just as tall and of the same size). Nice smile, friendly, has the appearance of macho man but he’s very nice to talk to and befriend, a lil blur at times, witty. (Gets my vote)

#16 Looks like a friend of a friend’s brother

#17 Cute, awesome smile

#18 He looks mixed, almost Cambodian / Indonesian. Acts in Kami (I’ve not watched the show though)

#19 Needs to tweeze his eyebrows!

#20 Mata sepet

#21 Nice hair, like the smile, looks quite laidback. His friend had a post on him. you can read it here.

#22 I Love Love Love his hair!! I’m such a sucker for guys with curls and his hair is his winning crown. Nice smile, good features, pleasant looking (Gets my vote)

#23 NC

#24 Looks like someone from a band, not the lead singer but a band member. I just can’t pin point which band and who exactly. *Cracking head*Geram*

#25 Looks like he smokes A LOT. His lips are black.

Edit: I wrote in detail telling about this story which vanished in the midst of being posted. So here's the condensed version. My ATM card is nada. Made a new card. Money came in. Not so broke anymore. Yay.

Finally after weeks of daily showers, this evening is blessed with blue skies and white clouds. I see lots of students taking advantage of the weather, all geared up in sports attire headed for the field and courts :)


dweam said...

oooo! i looked thru the cleo bachelors thingy too! but none interest me leh =(

they're gg to KL for promo tour? cooool! take peektures if you're going!

Ohkulala said...

I would love love love to go and check the event out. And if i do, i promise ill take loads of pics :)

Anonymous said...

Oooo kul, u are going??? If u got an extra pass, let me know! I wanna go too!

Ohkulala said...

I'll definitely try to make it, no promises coz it depends on how hectic my schedule is like. final sem keeps me super busy. and yeah sure, if i get an extra pass, we'll totally go together :)

v|nder said...

the guy from KAMI is from Dragon Red, and i assume #24 is too.