Friday, October 31, 2008

Open for Business

I finally received my business card today. It was placed right there on my desk, a nice present after a solid good friday lunch. Yippee! Now I get to exchange cards when I’m out, how awesome is that, so proper, business and executive like. Let’s see who will be the lucky one to get my first card. I have a feeling this will happen very soon.

PS: For those who are attending the Silent Halloween Nuffnang-Nokia party tmrw night, have a blast. It is unfortunate i'll be outstation. Enjoy!


Alex said...

you aren`t going? was expecting to see you there. lol

sakura said...

me me!!

tell u wat, u take the first piece of your business card, tuck in nicely in your purse.. (so tat's considered ur 1st card, rite?) then u can give the rest of ur cards to whomever u want.. but that first piece, i booking 1st! ^^ hehe..