Wednesday, October 15, 2008


For the past 2 weeks, I haven’t been able to sleep well. It’s definitely not the mosquitos since I’ve put up the No Entry sign loud and clear on all possible entrances to the room. See, I’m crapping and that’s coz I’m really zombie-fied. I know it isn’t exactly a word, its more something I made up to describe my persistent sleeping problem. Zombie-fied me literally zone out, look blur and tired, going about work and everyday chores in a haze.

Here were some remedies I’ve experimented on: I’ve tried getting myself really tired so that I would collapse in sheer exhaustion but that hasn’t worked. I tried reading before I sleep but The 4th Estate by Jeffrey Archer is very interesting, therefore this method too failed. And then I tried just doing nothing and hope boredom will lull me to slumber, alas, that didn’t happen either. So I resigned to fate and practically plonk myself on the bed around 12.30-1.00 am psyching myself to Zzzz as I have to wake up early for work.

Little did I realize the impact of this until today. As the LRT stop at one of the stations, I spotted the lady next to me checking her reflection, gently brushing away her stray hair, examining her makeup and clothes. I was smiling smugly coz here lied a lady who was so into her reflection, she didn’t realize her gestures was capturing the attention of those around her.

As I took a quick glance, I suddenly spotted the depth of the hallows of my eyes, it is as deep as the deepest ravines ever! I had no idea my eye bags were stretched to this extent. I examined my eyes closely when I got to office but the tell-tale sign of someone who hasn’t been her much needed 8 hour siesta is for all to see, like the Scarlet A burned to my face. Looking at the bright side of things, perhaps for the Nuffnang-Nokia Halloween party, I can just come as myself, the Zombie :P


Alex said...

ouh and this are the methods that doesn`t work either.

- drinking: milk, alco, anything
- listening to calm music.
- not sleeping the entire day so you can sleep the next.

Let me know when you found something that helps :)

SaKuRa said...

erm.. tis is kinda worrying.. maybe bcos u've the just-start-to-work blues? it happened to me too.. i was afraid i'll b late for work evday tat i tried to sleep early.. which ended up totally opposite effect.. the more i tried to sleep early, the more i could not sleep..

n s a result, the nx day i couldn't get enuf sleep lo..

perhaps u're stressed out by the boredom at work? give urself some more time n relax.. maybe after a little more time u shd b ok ;p

**dun worry, b happy**

Crabbed!! said...

Haha...attack of the sleepy zombie. You are about to be as deadly as a cute little bunny..with eyebags.

Instead of trying hard to sleep and bore yourself to death...ehem...bore yourself to undeath, why not do something useful?

A strong sense of accomplishment may be what you need to allow yourself some sleep.

But then again, you'll have to waste money buying costumes for the upcoming party...

Cmate said...

That zombie looks like me lol!