Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Jamie Oliver Experience

I’ve been meaning to cook for awhile but last week was crazy busy, I was away and had no time. The cooking utensils were brought over from home during the raya weekend and every time I step into the kitchen, it is as if they are mocking me, teasing me, challenging me to not let them be the white elephants of the kitchen.

So when I got home from work yesterday, there was a new sense of determination to cook a simple meal for dinner. You know the saying, to chop wood, make sure you have a sharp ax. That’s the thing, I’m missing the ax. Which translates to me not having everything I need to cook. Not wanting to give up, I marched up to the grocery store (it was drizzling, mind you!) nearby to find it disappointingly under stocked. The only thing I managed to get was rice and a vegetable.

As the drizzle developed into a shower, I geared up with my umbrella, head to the LRT station, drop at the next station and took a bus to the nearest Giant supermarket. It was not too bad, but the perishables are just terrible. I made do with the minimal I needed and headed home.

Cut, washed, prepared the ingredients and all ready to cook, when I realized I didn’t have a can opener to open a can of sardines! I made a list of things to buy but had no idea there was no can opener at home. Sigh… I went through all the effort, am halfway through my mission and am resolute to cook somehow. So I made some modifications and managed to cook dinner in the end.

What a cooking adventure! And my dinner was absolutely delicious. I think it had more to do with the fact I went through so much to cook and I was starving at 9pm for dinner. It felt really good to have a home-cooked meal, no matter how simple or that it is not even close to mum’s standard of cooking because it’s still so much better that food bought. And no, if someone were to ask me if I cook, my answer remains the same, “I don’t cook”. Why? I’m not telling.

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SaKuRa said...

hey~~good to hear u're doing ur own cooking.. evthing starts fm s'thing.. n u've done it! proud of u.. keep on experimenting n i'm sure u'll find ur own special taste..

well,it's not like i'm tat good at cooking too :p which reminds me.. it's been such a long long time since i last cooked up s'thing.. maybe i shd try to do so this weekend.. hehe.. if once i had succeeded cooking something tat is really nice (but not so soon lar), then i'll invite u guys n gals over for some food-testing, hehe..