Monday, October 6, 2008

The Raya Weekend

My only complaint about raya weekend was that 5 days wasn’t enough to be called a break. Before heading back to home sweet home, I figured 5 days in office seem to pass rather slowly so 5 days home is more than enough time to do much. Oh, how wrong was I.

In fact, I felt I should have forfeited my 1.5 days of sleeping and headed out to catch up with my friends instead. In trying to meet everyone I can, family to spend time with and also my beauty sleep which is a luxury I no longer have since starting work, I rushed in the last 2 days between people and places. I do feel awful about it, it is really unfair to meet up with a friend for 1.5 hours and then having to dash off somewhere else.

Raya is a quiet affair for me. I went to one open house and was helping myself to all the yummylicious cookies. I miss just having such delicacies to munch on when I’m bored or just itching to eat something. Seriously, if my skin was any thicker, I probably could have summoned enough courage to ask the aunty if I could tapau some for myself. Every single kuih raya was delightful to my taste buds which didn’t discriminate between the butter, chocolate, peanut butter and the myriad of flavours of each cookie. I’m already getting hungry typing this out.

With promises to meet up in KL and Melaka, I do hope on catching up with my friends soon. I do think we may eventually hang out more in KL since quite a number of us are based all over the Klang Valley save Ah Ken and Sakura whose presence will be missed dearly. I didn’t realize how dependent I have become to Sakura for all her food recommendations, I miss having her around.

Till the next cookie filled Raya, hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend.


sakura said...

sakura? SAKURA? me? the sakura? haha.. i'm famous! *claps*

oo.. now the meeting place will be changed from mlk to kl? aah~~ :<

working 5 1/2 days dun really leave me much time to go lepaking in kl..i 1 go visit u..

actually, due to my long term home hibernation and haven't been out to new places much, i'm afraid i had disappointed u by not recommending any new places.. i'm sure there's still some places in mlk tat's still waiting for us to uncover 'em.. i'll do my 'homework' and let u know once i get to 'smell' of new food, oops, i mean, new places.. lol

will miss ya too!! keep blogging ya.. oh, i mean, take care ya ^^

CRAPPED!! said...

Kul...why tapau when you can always visit another person?? Or you can always pretend to leave your wallet/handphone/watch around...then come back later to "retrieve" them...'s the one to look for now huh? Great, will ask her to be my guide once i get back to malaysia...

Ohkulala said...

sakura: hehehe... it would be unfair if i dont make mention of my food guide :). nah, no worries about the recommendations, working life does take a toll on us. i dont feel so young anymore. and of course you can visit me, stay over at my place. perhaps on a long weekend holiday :)

crapped: oh yeah ah, how come i didnt think of all that? a lil too late for me la. yeah, sakura would be of great help. when are you coming back anyway, next yr right?

sakura said...

well, u've to b careful of ur invitation... i might get too cosy at ur place tat i would refuse to go bk to mlk.. then, u'll b in for a big headache, hehe...