Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Office Runway

To beat any possible office blues, I take small pleasure in dressing up for work. I believe when you look good, you feel good and that translates into productive work leading to a great day. Everytime I walk into the ladies, I flash a bright smile at the floor-to-ceiling mirror which I totally heart. No matter how boring or busy the day is, to see the reflection of a nice top, well matched belt, butterfly ring on my finger or scarf around my neck is bound to make me feel happy again. So no surprise I flash another smile at myself before exiting. But really, I can’t help it. If that’s one of the small little things that make my day, I don’t see why I shouldn’t enjoy it.

There is a secretary in my office who is immaculately dressed everyday. In fact, I admire her sense of dress, style, colour coordination, everything! She can go from sheer minimalist to pure extravagant and yet has never once looked over-the-top or tacky. I think she’s gotten down the art of dressing up at the back of her hand.

She’s another one of the reasons why I feel looking good makes a fantastic day. She’s never without her smile, very cheerful, positive, helpful and excellent at her job. I have yet to see her having a bad day. Of course I’m not implying that because a person dressed well doesn’t have a bad day but if you can find that one thing to cheer you up, it becomes less stressful.

So here I am, absorbing the runway (aka the corridor) to see what she has to sashay for day. I take in small pointers from her and store them in my mind. If I see something similar which could match my outfit, I know how to style it up. Now, who says office is all about work?


CRAPPED!! said...

You're gonna be wearing red heels? Aww..that's just sexy..

sakura said...

hey, u're writing jz wat i had in mind recently. It's so dull and boring when you don't have anything to look forward to work except, well.. work..

most ppl jz wear the same old boring clothes to work, jz like me.. N it makes me so mood-less.. However, if that person takes an effort to dress up even jz a little.. it helps to change her/his own mood and indirectly influencing others too. I also look forward to what ppl are wearing every morning.. i duno y, maybe bcos there's nothing else to c at work, except, well.. work..

I guess I shd try dress up a little bit for work too ^^ haha, got inspiration fm u. thx dear!

Ohkulala said...

crapped: am looking for the red heels. so far the choices are not of the right shade or they dont have my size :(

sakura: yeah, you should try dressing up. seriously, it makes a difference to me!

Simon Seow said...

The Devil Wears Prada?

Ohkulala said...

simon: you can say that. but this girl dont wear prada. i think i only dream of purchasing prada with my one year's salary :P

Shira-chan said...

yeah, there are at least a couple of ladies in the office who really make an effort to dress up - I never see them wearing the same thing twice! o___O

which makes it all the more fun for me... "now, what did mrs. so-and-so wear today??" hehe

Mei said...

Influencing those around you...?

Hmm, now that's something that I will try to do from tomorrow onwards.

The weird thing is that my company couldn't comply the 'so called' modern fashion attire'. BIG belts on your waist is soooo a ' NO...NO' here.

Even the most formal attire can be unacceptable for them. Ahaaaa...

You know what...? You just gave me an idea to 'introduce' to these ladies what's in and what's out...'evil laugh'

All in all, ' DRESS FOR SUCCESS'

Cheers: Mei