Monday, September 29, 2008

My First Pay Cheque

When I was studying and looking for a job, I had many ideals of how was I going to utilize my first pay cheque. I say utilize because the word spend sounds a tad negative. It sort of implies I’m going to spend the entire salary away in one go.

i always had the impression that when my first salary is in, I would be leaping for joy, jumping straight into the atm queue to get my hands on my moolah. And I would be off utitilizing it fully. Firstly, to give some to my parents and of course to take the family out for dinner. Treat my close friends. Give some to temple, that’s the least I can do because I’ve been really blessed and am very thankful. To get a new handphone, a really good, expensive, out of this world ridiculously fabulous handphone because I deserve one. Shopping! And the rest would be for savings.

The reality of the situation turned out so differently. When I heard that my pay was in, it felt like any ordinary day with the exception that my bank balance has increased somewhat. I did not rush to the atm to withdraw money to buy anything I had always thought I would. I did go to the atm machine 4 days later, but just to make sure the money was indeed banked in. And it was not till I inserted my card in that I realized I could do my banking online. I felt so silly!

The new handphone; I decided I didn’t need one. The current one functions just fine after a battery change. In fact, I think the idea of a new super duper canggih handphone where I would only use say 5 of its gazzilion features is nothing but an ego booster, a feel good material item so show off because the phone looks sophisticated when I take it out to answer a call or text message. But really, isn’t a phone’s main function is to make and receive calls and sms? My phone does that excellently. I won’t deny I would like a new phone but perhaps when the current one goes completely bonkers on me, then I know it would not be an impulse buy.

The shopping was minimized to the absolute essentials as I have almost everything I need. I’m really proud of myself to be able to hold so still with all the sales going on. The treats will proceed as I intended, so would all the rest. And instead of a handphone, I’m thinking of taking up a life insurance policy instead.

So what’s so exciting about my first pay cheque? The fact that I’m actually an independent person, that I’ve earned my dues, I’m a working adult, not a mere child anymore. It makes me feel more matured, like I’m grown up so much in just 2 months. That feeling is one of the best feelings I’ve had so far and no amount of shopping or a sophisticated phone can ever replace that.


CRAPPED!! said... cheque, the very first steps to adulthood.

Soon you'll be very thrifty...thinking 10 times before buying anything. Worse if you have to pay the utilities, you'll be complaining about how expensive it is and how you should tolerate the heat more and not switch on the air cond, scowling at people who forget to turn off the light...blah...blah...

Alex said...


I initially thought so too but when I win my first 1k at genting yesterday. As I come out from the casino, the thought of spending my money had never occur to me. In the end, I just gave it to my parents and some for safekeeping.

sakura said...

i had a long list of plans b4 i even had my 1st real pay slip. it's like.. i gotta buy this, tat.. do this, tat.. go here there.. feels like the $$'s alrd disappeared even b4 it was banked in, if you know wat i mean..

all the dreams of buying this tat jz vanished into thin air when reality sinks in.. n we'll be like 'is that all we get'? but, money's nv enuf, hehe.. so, it's up to us to be thrifty n eliminate the 'unnecessities'.. n we're on our way to 'auntie-hood' :p

bmahendran said...

waaaa ur pay ;)

it does feel good huh every end of month having excess of Moolah in ur bank account.. hehehe. ;)

so ble blanja!

Qihua said...

Hehe... yeahh... i agree.. but after awhile of saving up, you'll have plans to use up the $$ :P Like for me.. I'm spending it to go NZ in Nov.. :D

Simon Seow said...

Buy me dinner :p

*wolveriness* said...

Go Kul! I'm so proud of you :)

Cybermate said...

Lunch's on you since you have your first pay cheque!

Ohkulala said...

crapped: me scowling about bills, nah, dont think so. plus utilities are shared and my room doesnt have an air cond meaning i save quite a bit already :)

alex: yeah, i know that feeling. i did give some to my parents, donation and the rest in my piggy bank.

mahendran: you gimme a buzz la, teh tarik one of these days :)

simon seow: soon enough yeah. till we meet next time.

wolveriness: thanks dear! i think i learnt all this from being your roomie. hehe

cybermate: ahuh, in fact, we should really meet up one day!

Johnny Ong said...

when u put up such a post, surely the request of "i'm waiting for my treat" will be numerous. one of them is me as well haha

soon u will know how to save up for your needy times. initially will be hard to resist the temptation into getting those nice stuff for personal use. u'll get the hang of it. to learn how to spend wisely, i'll tell u over a meal hehe