Monday, September 8, 2008

False Alarm

My weekend was absolutely interesting in the oddest way. Since I’ve started working, I have been staying at my aunt’s place. I moved in yesterday to my place which will from now on be referred to as Maya Casa. Maya means dream or illusion while casa is castle so put together it’s the Castle of Dreams.

On Saturday on my way to Maya Casa, I had the strangest cramp and the pain lasted throughout the day. I didn’t make mention of it to anyone coz I could still tolerate the pain. And I figured it would eventually subside. The pain gradually got worse at night but I still tahan la.

By the time Sunday morning, I couldn’t stand straight anymore and the lower right side right under the tummy freaking hurts. I was walking like a hunched old woman tugging her tummy. Dad got me to the clinic and the doctor suspected I have a case of appendicitis. However, he said I look pretty comfortable for an appendicitis patient. I was referred to the hospital just in case.

The alternative was to wait for about 6 hours and if the pain gets worse, I should get admitted so I picked this option instead. He prescribed some painkillers, I popped one, slept and woke up with the pain in tact. So my original plan to move in to KJ on Sunday morning had to be postponed.

Since sleep wasn’t helping, I decided to go ahead and move in to Maya Casa after lunch. While helping my dad with the cleaning up, I suddenly realized that I could actually stand straight and the pain has vanished! I was so surprised coz I didn’t notice it earlier. I guess I somehow recovered along the 45 min journey from Aunt’s Place to Maya Casa!

Of course my dad was still concerned coz it’s hard to believe that someone who could barely walk an hour ago can recover just like that. He wanted me to stay at my aunt’s place one more night just to be sure but I convinced him I was fine. And true enough, the pain didn’t come back and I’m as good as new. The false alarm was so not plesant.

The puzzling part is this – what caused the awful 2 day cramp which really felt like appendicitis and how in the world could the pain just disappear? That’s a mystery I have yet to uncover. But I’m super duper thankful that the pain is no more, I do not have appendicitis, no hospital and no surgery. I pray this episode won’t make a comeback.


Azzam?? said...

maybe because you're fasting kot moi? wahahhahah xD

Ohkulala said...

Azzam: hahaha.... this moi not fasting. maybe this is the punishment kot :P

CRAPPED!! said...

Far as I know, you don't feel pain for nothing...especially when

lower right side = kidney, it's Always good to get a second opinion.

Ginn said...

Not sure if it's good to pour cold water on you, appendix doesn't necessarily give you pain in one long stretch.

It can come, then go, and come back, and go. (Chronic) Or come in one big bang and make sure you deal with it (acute). Mine was the former, so.. =)

Really hope you're all right though. Take care kul!

Ohkulala said...

crapped: i consulted the resident Health Minister aka my mum. she's positive that its actually a severe case of angin from not eating. i'd really like to believe it was probably angin.

ginn: i had no idea appendicitis comes in 2 forms; chronic or acute. yikes! well, i'm keeping a close watch on myself to be safe. thanks for the heads up.

Simon Seow said...

PMS? :p

Ohkulala said...

simon: eh no la, that's not it.

Daryl Teo said...

U sure it's not pinned dolls from jilted admirers & exes? haha