Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Moi Who Didn’t Fast

I wanted a change in outfit from the usual corporate wear so I donned a baju kurung instead today. Wearing the usual slacks, skirts and collared shirts are getting a little too routine so I decided to throw something traditional in to spice things up.

And the reaction it got me was rather amusing especially from those working in my department, which I have decided to name the Prefect Board. I’ll get to its name in another post yeah. So many people were excited to see a non-malay wearing a baju kurung and I had quite a number of compliments on how nice my baju kurung is.

Inside I was chuckling coz I only have 2 baju kurungs in my entire wardrobe and this is a really old one which had made not more than 5 appearances since 5 years ago when I bought it. In fact, it is an extremely simple outfit, nothing fancy and I know how much nicer my colleagues baju kurungs look like.

The best part is I got loads of people outside my department confused as I unashamedly ate my tuna sandwich at the pantry without any guilt or remorse. You see, they actually thought I was malay girl! I even heard two ladies whispering to each other about me not fasting (quite kepo huh don’t you think?) until someone said I’m not malay. And when I went for lunch at the nearby foodcourt, I could feel dagger stares penetrating through my thin and tiny frame for queuing for food.

When the office boy left for home (those fasting leave at 4pm), he turned around and said “Moi, jangan lupa buka puasa tau.” There you go; a supposed Chinese girl in a baju kurung not fasting. Hang on, I look Chinese?? *puzzled*


Sakura said...

so, u're a mixture of everything then? haha.. truly malaysian :p

Azzam?? said...

maybe u should try wearing a cheong sam then?? maybe some people would start talking to u in cantonese! xD

Johnny Ong said...

in middle east, u wld be arrested and thrown into jail before u can explain who u really are ..... count yr blessing in m'sia now hehe

Ohkulala said...

sakura: malaysia, truly asia huh?:P

azzam: hahaha.... i can try that idea la except my cheong sam is not suitable for work, people think i'm going for dinner at the wrong place and time. if anyone speaks to me in canto, habis la. all they will be getting is a blank stare. :P

johnny ong: are you serious? people can get thrown to jail for identity crisis in the middle east. dashyat!

wolveriness said...

Haha babe i sooo know what you mean about baju kurung's and us non malays wearing them at the office - i had a similar encounter to the point that someone i knew sarcastically asked me have you heard there is a new malay girl in town? :P

Simon Seow said...

Try wearing your secondary school baju kurung uniform and see. lol

Shira-chan said...

I'm the opposite. I get comments asking how come I don't wear baju kurung to work. From Chinese people. =____=

I don't want to wear, ok? sheeesh.

Seriously, ppl should just mind their own freaking business.

And with girls not fasting, there's that time of the month when we're exempt. If I see a Malay not fasting, I assume that's the reason. So what's the problem with these other people?

The guys don't have an excuse, though. haha =P