Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A shocking discovery

2 days ago, my collegue came up to me all excited to tell me a story of how much I remind her of her good friend's daughter. The part where we're tall, thin and have similar features are pretty usual to me. A lot of people have told me that I remind them of someone they know - sibling, friend, classmate, neighbour's sister-in-law's uncle's daughter's niece's godsister, you know the whole works. I either look like someone, or sound like someone. I'm already beginning to think how common I am, no special factor :(.

Anyways, the last portion of the story was the most interesting bit. "Asides all that (tall, thin, similar features), you both are quiet." I looked at her all stunned, shock written all over my face and then quickly covered it with a smile before she noticed.

Quiet? Like seriously? How is that possible? I can bet a gazzilion pounds that all my friends and family members will never use the adjective quiet to describe me. Because i'm not. What they would say is this, "Oh, that girl ah, she can talk non-stop wan. Mouth never get tired at all"

Why do you think this blog is called the Mouth Marathon? Simply because it describes me pretty accurately. I'm talkative, bubbly, highly excitable and should never be seen high with coffee.

Episode 2 happened yesterday. Another colleague came over and said this, "You're very quiet aren't you? No work also quiet, now got work, you've become even quieter". I just nodded with my head exploding - QUIET??!!

Well, that shows how much people in office know me huh? I brought it up with a friend and there's 3 ways of looking at it.
1. You could be quietly productive, get your work done excellently and the boss knows it.
2. You are quiet but people mistake that for unfriendliness or even arrogance.
3. A bit of both.

In my defense, I am indeed quieter in the office because everyone else is. I'm seated at the corner so I do not have neighbors on my right. Behind me is a whole wall of cabinets and a printer. The corridor opposite me leads to the pantry and the ladies room. The person to my right is an extremely busy manager who is hardly around. And this person is around the 40's. What am i going to talk about - wife/husband and kids? So you see, there is no one really to talk to nor do people come up to talk to me.

But please, I'm not quiet nor arrogant, just a tad quieter. Get to know me a little better and trust me, you'll be in for a pleasant surprise.

So what am i? The selective speaker. *winks*


Chemhoster said...
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Chemhoster said...

Sorry, ter-delete the comment.

I was wondering if quietness has something to do with your blog's name, The Mouth Marathon.

Azzam?? said...

how bout the next day.. u do an extreme one.. go say hi to everybody and make a lot of noises.. =D contradict them! =p

wolveriness said...

You quiet???

LOL - you're the human that made me noisy ahahaha. They're so mistaken by calling you quiet.

I miss your noise as a matter of fact!

Ah-Bong said...

i don't know u much. but quiet is definitely NOT you. LOL

CRAPPED!! said...

I use to be the noisy one during high school, and you beat me at talking the last time we met...

Quiet??!!! YOU?!!!

Tell them the reason you are so thin ,is that because you use up all energy to talk, so there's none left to be converted to fats....

sakura said...

haha~~so this is the story you told me about over the phone when i called you then.. sorry, i din online yest so i couldn't check ur blog, but i'll make sure to check it at least once a day, hehe..

bcos reading ur blog makes my day ^^

oh oh, forgot to leave the proper comment.. so, they say u're quiet? how can tat be.. it shd've be a big big mistake la..i like to listen to your words so if u're 'quiet', then i'm oso quiet, then we have 'two-way' silent communication, lol.. cannot be la.. they r sure wrong 1:p

Sanjeev said...

u can start talking to the printer and the cabinet :P

Ohkulala said...

chemhoster: oh no, the mouth marathon is actually reflecting how much i talk, its practically a marathon for most people.

azzam: nah la, i didnt do that. but i would make an effort to at least strike a conversation with one person a day la.

wolveriness: aawww.... i'm so proud that i've managed to rub in some of my noisiness to you :P

ah bong: yeah, i think the correct term to describe me would be BISING!

crapped: hahahaa... on yeah, i gave you a good run for your money :P

sakura: well, i think they just need to get to know me. after that, sure they wont say i'm quiet anymore. hehehe

sanjeev: dont want, if i talk to the printer and cabinet, dah lah people say i'm quiet, they would say i'm crazy AND quiet!