Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sleep Sleep Go Away

Seriously, I’m dying of boredom. Asides attending 3 meetings and consolidating data for a document, I’ve been doing nothing but reading manual after manual after manual. And these manuals are not designed to keep me awake. Reading them is akin to reading an entire textbook filled with technical jargon.

I’m not saying that the manuals are not educational. To the contrary, I’ve actually picked up a lot of information of what my group and department does as a whole, the systems in place utilized to help one another etc. but seriously, if I had to read another manual, I’m not so sure if I can keep sane anymore! It is becoming a very conscious effort to stay awake in the world of terminologies and thousands of acronyms.

For crying out loud, just give me something to photostate or type or something. I’d rather do clerical work even than to be staring at Arial font size 11, single spacing, justified paragraphs of my manuals.

Sigh… someone pray I don’t nod off. Or if I do, then pray nobody sees me.


Azzam?? said...

just sleep lah! even if you're caught pun u can always escape with a smile xD muahahhaa

or say that u're fasting! ;)

Ohkulala said...

azzam: hahaha... cannot la, i'm so new in the office, takkan la wanna sleep rite? plus, doing that is not professional la. if i get caught, die la. my boss is really strict!

fasting - can't use that excuse coz they know i'm not fasting. i go for lunch everyday! hehehe

Jim said...

lol prolly you can do some hands on, and ask people about those stuffs. then you dont need to read all those boring thick manuals. ;)

Edwin Si said...

hi...i went to convocation but didn't see u around. hope ur reading-manual-days will be over soon

[YeOp] said...

errr.. what job r u doing then? what position? be specific! lol

Ohkulala said...

jim: i'm officed based so there's really no hands-on for now. huhuhu

edwin si: oh, i didnt see there during convo either. well, i also hope i no longer have to read manuals anymore.

yeop: hahaha... i can't tell all here la. never know who is reading and if i reveal too much info, mampus la. dont wanna kena like RPK :P

Cybermate said...

Dying of boredom is not new... I'll be more surprise if we could live without boredom. LOL!

Ohkulala said...

cybermate: hahaha.... that's true. a new perspective to boredom.