Thursday, October 30, 2008

Melakans in KL

It was Ah Dan’s Birthday yesterday and we melakans who are now based in the Klang Valley got together for a small celebration to mark another year for Ah Dan dear. The same gang that hangs out in Melaka is now here, in a different state, chilling and having a great time. Change of location was just a matter of time as most of us are based here.

We still do hang out in Melaka but none of us go back religiously when the weekend comes by with the exception of a long weekend/ public holidays. It was awesome meeting up. Blur Blur joined us with his friend, Pau Pau who is literally in KL full time was also there, Budak Cerah too.

You know who’s missing – Sakura, Ah Ken and the very faraway Ketam. So, next time you look or change jobs, you know where to go yeah.*hints*

We had steamboat at Yuen’s Steamboat at Mentari Sunway. Getting there was a cute experience with Budak Cerah and Pau Pau came armed with a map. We still got lost (yeah la, Melaka only have 2 flyovers k) but arrived in good time. I ate, ate and ate and it took awhile to feel full. But it didn’t last, as I was going to bed, my stomach groaned in hunger. Poor me slept with hunger pangs.


Crabbed!! said...

Budak Cerah!!

Aww...I miss that nickname. Remember Pau pau being called ABC? Assistant Budak

Who was blur blur??

OKAY! hint taken...leak me any info on Japanese companies based in Klang Valley.

Ohkulala said...

Oh yeah, i forgot Pau Pau was ABC. Blur Blur is Joshua. Was tempted to call him Rabbit Man, alas all his rabbits have died.

sakura said...

ah~~~i missed it!!
*sobs* now i'll be sad for the rest of the month..

yerr~~i'm like, practically dying to go to kl someday and hang out again.. seriously.. but just dun hv the time.. aah~~ *sobs again*

looks like crabbed, ken n me r too far away fm the 'new hang out location'..