Tuesday, October 7, 2008

‘I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic‘

When I saw the word Halloween, my mind was already racing. And to put Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic, I wanted jump up and down like a naughty monkey from excitement. The most interesting bit is that Halloween would be silent this party around.

How can you have a party with no music or sound or dancing? Now, that’s not called a party, it’s a bunch of people overdressed for the library you say. But fear not coz the Nokia XpressMusic comes to the rescue. What has a handphone got to do with a Halloween party – everything!

The Nokia XpressMusic has tons of radio with one supporting European and Asian 3G networks, and another supporting North American 3G networks. Both versions also include Bluetooth 2.0 with stereo support, Wi-Fi, and a GPS. The mobile phone also allows media playback superbly. It comes along with a full 3.5-mm headset jack so it can be used with most stereo headphones. The high-quality stereo speakers can play quite loud which suits me really well coz I believe music (well, at least the genres I love) are best appreciated when heard loudly. I would be going "Please Don't Stop the Music!!" Yippee!

Not enough with the music, you can capture all your happy moments via the 3.2 megapixel camera which includes a Carl Zeiss lens, autofocus, and dual-LED flash. If you find still pictures boring, try catching a candid video which can be recorded at 30 frames per second. So we camwhores can bob to music while saying *cheese*.

I can’t wait for the silent Halloween party because with Nokia’s XpressMusic, nothing is really silent afterall. For more information, mousey *here*


CRAPPED!! said...

Is this an ad??

Whatever happened to phone's main function is make calls and sms??


Very cool phone though..

khian said...

whoa..you going to the party? I wanna go to!..

Ohkulala said...

crapped: its not an add, more like the entry to get an invite for the party.

khian: well, let's hope i do get the invite. the first 50 bloggers gets a double pass. if i do, i can bring you along :)

Gallivanter said...

You can't go wrong with NOKIA!

electronicfly said...

eh yay! let's go together!

sakura said...

i'm a bit lost here :S
does it mean if you place an add here, you can get an entry invite for the party?

Ohkulala said...

gallivanter: yup, i agree with that.

electronicfly: cool!

sakura: its like this. nokia and nuffnang is throwing the halloween party. to get invites to the party, i will need to write a post with the title "I'm Going silent...." as creatively as possible. the top 100 post will get invites to the party. so basically this is the submission of my entry.

Alex said...

I didn`t get to know about this earlier!! I hope I`m not too late though. Just posted the entry. :(

Ohkulala said...

alex: well, you might still get in hopefully. keep ur fingers crossed.

khian said...

hopefully u get the passes lah yea?
I malas wanna do the entry..lol! *happy-happy*

CRAPPED!! said...

All the cool parties...you've gotta be one of the coolest friend I have.

Gotta put the word "cool" in my kid's name too in the future..

Faisal Admar said...

hmm make a review on iphone next please? =)

no idea why but i'm crazy for iphone. now it's still in the consideration list. yes, i'm stuck at the necessary vs necessity list!

Ohkulala said...

khian: am keeping my fingers crossed that i get it. coz i actually can take part in something else 2nd nov (one day after the party) but i decided to not go coz i'm scared the party will end late. and if i didnt get the invites, damn rugi only la.

crapped: hahaha... imagine calling ur kid Cool-Dy. ok, now im crapping.

faisal admar: well, if i get to use an iphone for a few days, ill probably write a review. coz the iphone functions so differently from a nokia, i can't say much. necessary vs necessity - i'm stuck there too!

Simon Seow said...

Woot! It's party time babeh.

prepaid cell phones said...

It supports Asian 3G? That's very good news to Asian consumers! Since its from Nokia, I pretty sure that this has a long battery life.