Monday, November 17, 2008

What do you see?

From the outside,
you see a pretty face,
with a hint of rouge,
shade of rose on her lips,
hair with curls around the ears.
Fair skin with dark hair,
Deep set eyes,
Someone who is almost serene
in the midst of madness and chaos.

What you don’t know is
She plays the organ,
Never wears a bikini
Always punctual and hates those who are not
Talks too much as she can’t live with the deafening silence
Enjoys a good book before she sleeps
Thinks movies are overrated
And theater are deserving of more
Adores babies and well behaved kids
Like her chocolates dark and Belgian,
Flowers should only be a single red rose.

Underneath the face,
She too gets scared
Sometimes worries too much
And the walls of her heart are kept high
to protect herself from getting hurt,
to keep others from seeing what’s truly inside,
for fear of letting people in.

But really, how can you tell
When all you’re allowed to see
Is a bright smile, a bubbly upfront,
Always sure, bold and ready with an answer,
Not everyone’s cup of tea.

The face on the mirror
Doesn’t always replicate what you see,
You see what you want,
And you see what is shown
It is after all, just a reflection.


puvanan said...

Now, this is beautiful!

Ohkulala said...

puvanan: thank you :)