Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An empty mind...

...is said to be the devil's workshop. but i dont think it has reached that point yet. i'm just rather restless. everyday is a routine, there is nothing to look forward to.

i wake up, get dressed
work work work
work work
get crammed in sardine packed lrt
shower and dinner
surf the net, check emails, facebook

tomorrow the whole day repeats itself. weekends are a lil better, there is always a play to catch, and i can count the invitations to pool parties, or if i'm really up for it, clubbing. but they no longer appeal to me. its been there, done that.

i guess i'm looking for something more meaningful. i have the weekends in my hands and as much as i really enjoy my sleep (coz 6 hours on mon-fri ain't enough), i need something to look forward to. make a contribution to society, help someone in need, learn a new skill, go dancing like i've always wanted to, just something. a breeze of fresh air.

i want a vacation. the weather and i, however, are not on agreeable terms. so the vacation will have to wait.

i'm already rambling. its the partially empty mind i'm telling you.


Azzam?? said...

go food hunting lah~! =D

Simon Seow said...

I want a vacation too. Maybe going Bangkok or Bali next year.

daarsh said...

Come to bintulu, we go jungle trekking :)

Ohkulala said...

azzam: yeah, but someone must recommend places la. i had one from you - williams!

simon: i wanted to go to bangkok this year but everyone already hv plans to go there with their families. am hoping for an island getaway mid next year.

daarsh: hehe...

sakura said...

u're speaking my mind~~ i want to do s'thing meaningful too!

otherwise, i'll really go crazy~~ let's go do s'thing meaningful, hehe...

working's sucking out all my life..

Ohkulala said...

sakura: yup, we should do something. let's put our heads together ya.

Mr Bangkok Hotels said...

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