Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When Things Die

Technology does make our lives easier isn't it? We have washing machines for laundry, ipods/mp3 players for music everywhere we go, GPS so that men who stubbornly refuse to ask for directions will no longer get lost (pun intended), computers for a gazillion functions they do etc.


But what happens if they break down?


Just yesterday, my laptop crashed on me. The blue screen of death appeared and the very nice IT dude could not fix it. The diagnostic revealed my laptop was not attacked by virus and its hardisk was perfectly fine and yet it refuses to budge when attempts of reformatting it was made. So it had to be a hardware problem. While I'm cool with the fact that the nice IT people are doing their best to solve the problematic laptop, it is frustrating how handicapped I have become.


The laptop has all my data and documents in there. Without it, I can't do my work or check my emails. And yes, this is all work stuff. It feels like my right arm has been severed as the laptop is being nursed to health. It is frustrating to not be able to work as productively when I don't have all my stuff with me. And I feel awful having to keep referring to my colleagues for copies of documents.


It is amazing how the collapse of a single item can halt and delay my daily activities. Me no like this. Me hope the nice IT people can fix it. Quick. Pretty Pretty Please.

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sakura said...

ha~poor thing :(
i know exactly how u felt.. bcos my comp also faced the same problem last Thursday and Friday...

sucks, rite? hope both of them (ur laptop n my comp) heals soon..

Happy working ^^