Friday, March 20, 2009


Oh nothing all that wow but it really did me a whole bunch of good knowing what the hell is causing all the suction sound from the air conditioning vent that has been driving me crazy for the last 2 days…


So all the ruckus of the very loud suction sound comes from


*drum roll*


… sensor reaction to every time someone enters the smoking room! OMG, how revolutionary is that!


Apparently this is to improve ventilation in the tallest building in Malaysia. While there are ventilation vents for the dedicated smoking rooms, they're making it better. But with the downside of not considering the other people (like me!) who sits close to the sound source.


Hey, I'm all up for improvement but can this really be called one when it is affecting so many other people by it? I mean, can't there be a sound-free solution to this?


Today, I'm taking a new approach to the problem. The last 2 days has seen me becoming this whinny ass which I'm not and I do not like complaining because it ain't helping me. My solution: I plug in my earphones, listen to some very comforting tunes and concentrate mega hard on work hoping that when someone opens the smoking room door, I would not be able to quite hear the suction sound of the air-cond vent. Verdict: so far so good.


My only concern is this; how long do I need to continue to bear with the condition? Adjusting is not an option because I do not see why should I adjust to something that was not ergonomically designed in the first place, taking into account when just last week ergonomics was what we were talking about. Ppfffttt…


Smokers – pls quit smoking so I can pretty please have some peace and quiet. And my dire need to get rid of the pounding headache I have from all the unnecessary sound. *sigh*




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