Thursday, March 19, 2009

When the mind draws a blank

I really do not like it when the mind just refuses to function at optimum level. I catch myself day-dreaming of absolutely nothing. I've been staring at the white screen displaying Word Documents just screaming for attention.
And the stupid air-conditioning is driving me nuts. It goes on and off at 15 minute intervals. The annoying part is this, when it is on, i can hear the sound of air coming through very loudly and when it goes off, its quiet, just plain silence. And that makes it worse coz I can tell the tremendous difference of noise levels. The whole episode repeats for the whole day. Why can't the damn thing just shut up and do its job?! It is extremely distracting. *geram*
I want a holiday. An escape. To hide or temporarily hide from doing the same thing day in, day out. Routine is boring, it kills creativity and generates redundancy. Casual fridays would be nice change for a start.
The air-conditioning that works silently and constantly would be great. I can get rid of the pounding headache from the blardy noise. Haih...

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