Monday, August 10, 2009

Art, plays and teatre have been some of my most favourite things. This was one of my biggest pleasure since coming to the big city a year ago, all these are within reach and events are always up to give me my dose of acting, or rather watching it.

And 2 of my very good friends who are the backbones of Electric Minds Project (EMP) are up with a new show “The Things We Have Lost”. I’m so excited for them and the upcoming show!

A woman with a gun tries to fix her relationship. Three children contemplate selling a house, and their memories of it, one after the other. A mother grieves for her child in an unusually cruel fashion. Friends sift through the ashes of their previous lives. Two lovers contemplate eternity, the view from their rooftop, and moving to Mongolia. The Electric Minds Project is proud to present The Things We Have Lost, a showcase of original Malaysian short plays about grief, despair, abandonment, and hope.

Venue: PJ Live Arts, Jaya One

Date: 12-15 August 2009 @ 8.30 pm

15-16 August 2009 @ 3.00 pm

Admission by donation of RM20

Bookings: 017-232 2578 or 012-306 1229

Info about EMP The Electric Minds Project theater company started out as friends getting together to read scripts, encouraging and motivating each other to write and perform. This sharing of experiences; coming together and being creative as a group has taught the members of EMP that there is a large, untapped creative potential in Malaysia. We want to represent that talent. We want to encourage writers, nurture performers, and put their work before an audience. We want to get that work to a wider audience. We want our fellow Malaysians to be infected by the same love for performing arts that so far has only been felt by the minority.

For every 9 tickets bought, get 1 free.

Student prices: Buy 10 tickets = 25% off all tickets.

Facebook event page
PJ Live Arts info:

Ill be there. Wont you?

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hey! kudos for being nominated in nuffnang! :D