Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Remedy

It is one of those days. It doesn't happen very often. But when it does, all I want is for the day to end early.


The brain is mentally squeezed like a towel wringed to dry. The physical body is not the active athlete it usually is. The smile has diminished halfway through the day. As I complete task after task, I find myself robbed of time to work on my single most major assignment. This is not just any job, it is one that will determine the course of events for the next one year. It requires finding and striking a balance with what I want and what I can (hopefully and eventually) get. The juggling act is no easy feat, It has to be fair, justified and bear the high possibility of liquid changes.


Part of me wants to shrink away in an invisible cocoon. People can see and hear me but touch-me-not. I guess I'm just a little worn out and in the mood to whine. I want the day to end, let darkness dawn upon me as I crawl into the comforts of my sheets and sleep like a baby with no worries.
Note: i couldn't think of a title so i just shuffled my playlist and tadaa...


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