Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Work Force

It’s my second day of work and there’s really little going on for me to talk about. I’m in a group of 5 people with me as the only girl. I have a Boss, his boss whom I call the Big Boss is a strict-looking lady but since I’m not reporting to her, I hope I don’t have to bee worried too much. And then there is the Big Boss’s boss I call the Biggest Boss. I have yet to meet the last two individuals. Those with the title Big in front are very busy mah.

It is also an adjustment period from student life to a working adult. It sometimes slip my mind that I’m not an intern anymore like my previous working experience. This time I will be taking on more and heavier responsibilities and be accountable for a wider range of things.

Have you tried making friends with people in their 40’s and 50’s who enjoy talking about the families and kids? Trust me, I don’t relate beyond a certain extent.

I need to think of a nick name for my company and my group. To make things clearer, there are 6 groups that makes up my department so yeah. Any ideas?


jim said...

oh yeah.. i so understand the feeling of mingling with 'oldies'; housemates, cell group members etc etc, all way matured. wayyyy.. haha. but i guess thats how we learn. we are growing old arent we? :P

Azzam?? said...

hahahaha.. learn to relate enough to be on their good side.. and then.. u do your own things xD

owwhh.. be prepared for sme office politics!

Qihua said...

YEa... i agree.. prepare for (not some) ALOT of office politics!

Do enjoy ur first few months being free.. and go for pipe asap! that's like another honeymoon period that you'll def enjoy being in Pet. :)

Ah-Bong said...

it's like making friends to ur own parents... lol

Shira-chan said...

yea... even now during internship, everyone at work is in their 30s or 40s... so when they're not talking about work, most of what they talk about is babies!! ... erk, I have no idea what to say then, so I just keep quiet and listen la. Store information now, process it later when I actually need it. LOL.

Ohkulala said...

jim: well, all is not lost. i managed to get to know some younger ones. phew...

azzam: not looking forward to office politics. oh why oh why must we face this?

qi hua: a lot of office politics? YIKES! will be going for pipe only after raya since its not conducted during the fasting month.

ah bong: yeah, totally!

shira-chan: store info for later huh? good idea.

Daryl Teo said...

Don't worry i think that in no time at all everybody will warm up to u. Give them some time! haha.

Sanjeev said...

kul...thats why u need to stay wif young, happening and hip ppl

the many layers of management in petronas can be quite confusing when u try to explain to ppl,kan?

"my dept head is XXX"
"u mean ur big boss?"
"no no, he's the second biggest boss, aft MD CEO. but of cos there are the bosses on contract basis, the VP and the President."
"owh...so he's a small boss la?"
"nope, not reli, he's the SGM, above my GM, above my SM, who's above my manager, who i reports to"
"wah..so many....."
"and dun forget the senior engineers and the whole line of technical ppl from custodian down to staff engineers!"

happy working! :)

Ohkulala said...

daryl teo: i hope they do warm up. am looking forward to making some friends along the way, not just mere colleagues.

sanjeev: amboi, panjang-nye komen. sounds familiar right to be speakin in malay in office. i think i'll be a pro in 2 weeks. lol.

well, at least i know i have a housemate who has a reputation of being happening. so i know my social life is not hanging on a single thread. hhehehe

Cybermate said...

I also cannot relate to my colleagues so much, all of them are married. They are talking about children, I am talking about falling in love. So far away man, the distance!

Simon Seow said...

How about Naik,Turun,Naik or Nett Export?

Johnny Ong said...

welcome to the working world ..... feel free to share yr issues at work and those with experience will be glad to give their 2 cents worth of opinions. some may charge you hehehe

CRAPPED!! said...

Try the Japanese style...nod and smile at everything. Add in an occasional
"Aww..that's so sweet"

Time flies by a lot quicker that way.

6 groups huh...
Whales - The big fellas
Dolphins - Somewhat big but friendly
Sting rays - Look approachable but beware the sting on the tail
Turtles - My pace kinda people..
Great White Shark - Avoid at all cost
Ikan bilis - Newbies such as you, kul

Ohkulala said...

cybermate: yeah i know what you mean. someone tried digging out bout my personal life and i was so tempted to say i'm not married with kids like the rest of you. lol. instead i just politely smiled and quickly changed the subject.

simon: hahaha... my job not directly related to export la.

johnny ong: i'm all years to hear what those with experience have to say. right now, i'm like a sponge trying to absorb everything there is to learn bout the working world.

crapped: been doing the japanese smile thing quite a bit. the downside: my cheeks freaking hurt. will attempt the nodding one next. hope you're doing great!

Jeep Parts said...

well office politics suck .