Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Things to do

The thing about getting a job is that there are so many forms to be filled. My offer letter came with a thick wad of forms for all sorts of things like EPF, medical check-up, letter of agreement etc. It brings back memories of those days when I filled up all these forms for my sponsorship. While they are pretty easy to fill up, a lot of supporting documents are needed. And here I thought my days of making copies for my certificates and letters are over. On top of that, I'll be going back to school to get the documents certified as true original copies. I kinda pity the teacher who would be doing the certification coz his or her hand will be tired from the entire signature signing once I’m done.

Speaking of medical check-ups, it involves a blood test. Now I’m not exactly jumping up and down about this. I don’t have a fear of needles but I faint each time I draw blood and it’s a really scary feeling. I first discovered this in school when I was undergoing the Hepatitis B vaccination. Prior to that, the nurse has to take a blood sample to see if I already have the antibodies. As usual, boys were being whims (ok la, I was just in a hurry to not miss Bio class), so I was the first one. Needle in, needle out and voila, I was back in Bio Lab.

But about 10 minutes later, I started sweating profusely, I couldn’t hear a thing, the world was spinning like a never ending gasing ride and eventually everything started turning hazy white. Luckily my friend caught me right before I collapsed. This happened again when I underwent my medical check-up for uni. This time around, I was better prepared. I got my friends to stand by just in case and I made sure I sat down. True enough, I went all weak-limb about 10 minutes after the blood test. So the girl who stood before me who cried while blood was drawn gripping my hand tight till my hand turned white ended up taking care of me. The world works in strange ways sometimes.

Mum was really worried the first time around. She insisted I went to the doctor for a check-up to rule out anemia. The doctor had a good laugh at my story because apparently this situation is more prominent with the males. And that I had nothing to worry about. It happens because the mind takes more time to digest the fact that body has undergone a physical change and due to the delay, it reacts as such. So while I mentally am not afraid and am physically fine, I most likely would still pengsan. Lol.

This time around, I’m bringing Sis S along for my medical check-up. Helluva no way I wanna drive the 40 minute drive home after the blood drawing trauma.


Cybermate said...

I went through all of that too before i am officially hired!! Lol!

Ohkulala said...

cybermate: i hope i dont faint!!

joshuaongys said...

so much trouble wan.... nevertheless hope to see u real soon!!

Ohkulala said...

Joshua: yeah, hope to see you too :)

- yuhhui - said...

I have the same problem too.. always cold and clammy after taking blood and i start seeing dots everywhere.. scary feeling. Stupid needles.