Thursday, February 21, 2008


“Never be afraid of dreams for they may come true.”– Unknown

My uncle gave me a book back in high school and told me to write my dreams in them. He said by writing them down, it will feel more real. I was skeptical but I wrote them down anyways. Not too long ago while spring cleaning my room, I found that book and I looked back at what I wrote. Some have come true, some I believe will come true one day. So I am listing down some of my dreams I hope to achieve one day. It is not the scale of the dream that matters but the essence of it that is far more important.

1. Travel & backpack around the world
I know this is really broad so ill list down the countries / places I’d like
to visit:
a) Paris
b) New York – live like the girls in Sex In The City
c) Bali
d) Mauritius
e) Maldives
f) Vienna
g) Mexico
h) Brazil
i) Spain
j) Rome
k) Prague
l) Amsterdam
m) Dubai
n) Bangkok, over and over again for shopping
o) India – Rajasthan & Bombay since I didn’t go there the last time
p) Basically, the whole of Europe
q) Cambodia – again. It is a humbling experience. We all need the gentle
reminders of how fortunate we are no matter how we think otherwise. You’ll
know that when you get here.
r) East Timor
s) Glasgow – bring my mum here, she’s wanted to come back here for so long.
t) Anywhere else my heart desires

2. My dream house – It is white, big with a huge lawn. The path leading to house will be shaded by tall palm trees. A garage by the side to park the cars. A well manicured garden, a patio where I have breakfast at on my lazy weekends, picnic table for tea time, blooming flowers everywhere. The interior is one of sheer simplicity, clean cuts and moderation. It oozes the feeling of calmness and serenity, my sanctuary, the place I escape from after a long day.

3. My dream car – I have too many to mention but I’ll settle for the BMW 3 series, it’s sporty :). Ill have a superb sound system installed, cool sport rims, and some minor modifications to make the ride look woooaaahhh.

4. Salsa – I think dance is the most sensual expression of love, salsa says it all. And I’d even like to salsa at my wedding dinner instead of the usual couple’s dance.

5. Exercise / staying healthy – I want to keep fit and seriously build on my poor stamina. It is humiliating to go jogging and see a lady twice my age jogging past me without a single pant, smiling knowingly at me!

6. Not-so-ordinary sports
a) Diving – need to get my license
b) Paraglide – to overcome my fear of heights
c) Parasail – as above and I love love love water
d) Anything to challenge myself

7. Buy a pretty dress from the House of Dior straight from Paris. My childhood dream to be attired in couture walking down the stairs looking fabulous.

8. To learn to play tennis – have always wanted to play but was not allowed to take lessons when I was younger. Mum didn’t think it was nice of girls to have muscular arms nor being too tanned from playing under the sun. I think those were just excuses so that she didn’t have to send me all the way for class.

9. To take a couple of years off to teach in a remote area or a small impoverished country - I’ve been blessed with everything I need; I see this as a very small way to give back to people. And an education is a passport to a better future. Donating money is the easy way out but everyone takes that road. I instead would want dedicate my time and effort to people; it is more meaningful.

10. Be the best person I can be. We all grow and play many roles in live as we progress – a child, sibling, friend, student, employee, boss, eventually lover, spouse, parent, and grandparent. I want to be that amazing person we are all cut out to be, I can’t promise I won’t make mistakes but I do promise to give my best shot.

Now, let’s stop dreaming and get back to work.

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Queer Ranter said...

Oooo. Great idea of writing them down here. I think I shall too.

*steals post :P